About Us

For over the past 23 years LoanAnalytics has been helping lending institutions optimize resources, improve communication across all stakeholders, and most importantly, helping to improve each institution’s competitive position through a suite of strategic tools that assist in profitability and credit risk analysis, including

  • PD and LGD risk migrations
  • current expected credit loss (CECL)
  • economic capital
  • stress test requirements

Loan Analytics, Inc. was incorporated on December 14, 1999. Timothy Wilberding is the founder and current president.

LoanAnalytics mission is to equip lending institutions with customizable, quantitative loan portfolio management solutions that help to mitigate risk and increase returns. Our core product offering is the Quantitative Loan Portfolio Management Process. The process is supported by our suite of affordable, scalable, transparent, flexible sophisticated applications. These applications help lenders to better identify, monitor and manage risk while increasing returns and have been in use in institutions of all sizes for more than a decade (30 Million to 50 Billion).

LoanAnalytics core competencies are in the area of portfolio risk management and software development. We support our mission by continually delivering compliant, cost-effective, comprehensive, and strategic portfolio performance tools to lending institutions. Our success and that of our clients is a direct result of thoughtful and strategic collaboration with customers and with industry professionals to meet portfolio and risk management challenges.

LoanAnalytics continually strives to equip every client with the tools to improve your competitive position, assist in cost reduction and increased returns. Our innovative portfolio risk management solutions help solve difficult problems. We’ve taken risk management problems and broken them into manageable pieces. We will help you match the appropriate solution to your unique needs. Strong partnerships are key to what have and continue to drive our success and that of our customers. Expect an innovative and committed partner who focuses on the customer and who delivers the highest quality solutions and unmatched customer service.

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