Recognize the risk!  Are you going to be able to identify your CECL?

LArisk enables you to calculate, report, trend, and manage your CECL. This strategic solution gives you the power to effectively and efficiently identify, monitor, and manage the risk and return of your entire portfolio or selected sub-portfolios.

  • Calculate the CECL for every loan in your portfolio
  • Include off balance sheet exposure, unfunded commitments
  • Incorporate projected annual prepayments
  • Project reasonable and supportable PD & LGD migrations
  • Use historical migrations from the LAmigrate application
  • Use stress migrations from the LAstress application

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See for yourself how LoanAnalytics LArisk enables you to:

  • Calculate and report your CECL
  • Report on numerous sub-portfolios
  • Graph and trend previous periods
  • Report and trend your portfolio risk

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