Increase the return!  Does your pricing strategy take into consideration your changing risk?

LAreturn enables you to build a stronger, more resilient portfolio by obtaining the risk-adjusted return of your customers. Calculate the risk-adjusted return on asset (RAROA) or the risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC) of every loan to a selected customer, including the profitability of the total customer relationship.

  • Accurately price your loans at origination
  • Manage the total customer relationship as opposed to each loan
  • Understand your return before and after you make a new loan
  • No longer only look at spreads… see your actual risk-adjusted returns
  • Transform your loan officers into portfolio managers

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See for yourself how LoanAnalytics LAreturn enables you to:

  • Transform your loan officers into portfolio managers
  • Price loans based on your cost NOT the competition
  • Manage total relationships not individual loans
  • Maintain your returns while adding or modifying loans

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