For more than a decade LoanAnalytics has been assisting lending institutions to optimize resources, improve communication across all stakeholders, and most importantly, help improve each institution’s competitive position through a suite of strategic software applications that assist in Migration Analysis, Migration Analysis Allowance, Loss Migration Analysis, Loan Migration Analysis, and Risk Migration Analysis.

The applications are currently being used by lending institutions to monitor and manage the risk and return of over $150 billion in loan volume.

LoanAnalytics provides loan portfolio management solutions and services to all sizes of financial institutions, ranging from $35 million to over $25 billion in loan volume. Financial institutions include community and regional banks, credit unions, and Farm Credit System lenders.


“LoanAnalytics is an outstanding, affordable solution for portfolio risk management… they really understand the needs and challenges of banking institutions and have consistently delivered excellent products and customer service.”
-$1.4 billion portfolio, EVP in Georgia

“LArisk is easy to use. It’s a data warehouse on steroids.”
-$400 million portfolio, Risk Manager in Texas

“We look forward to utilizing the LAmigrate program to assist in managing asset quality with every confidence that it will provide the information and capabilities we need.”
-$1.5 billion portfolio, VP in California

“LoanAnalytics allows me to analyze and stress data at the loan level. While other models provide rate data and volume runoff, LoanAnalytics give me the detailed information to assess our assumptions!”
-$1 billion portfolio, Director of Risk Management in North Carolina